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I hope your weekend is off to a terrific start. Shout to all the new peeps in our community and thanks all for your continued support. 

Check out the things we've been talking about this week below and stay tuned for upcoming events in NYC to be announced formally next week. In addition, we're adding an iOS developer to our team. If you know someone great please reach out to us directly. Job post below.



 These are things we've been thinking about this week.

  1. The History of you

    Have you seen Season 1, episode 3 of Black Mirror? Titled “The History Of You”, people live in an alternate reality where most have a "grain" implanted behind their ear that records everything they do, see, or hear. Characters can rewind and replay any moment of their life from their perspective, at any time. Other than being awesome TV, we think there’s a reason this episode kept coming up in conversation this week. And it’s because this alternate reality may not be far from real. While mainstream social media primarily catches life’s highlights, more and more these products can be switched on for extended periods of time. Ense records sounds from the second you open the app and these sounds can be shared via DM or social feed. Moves runs in the background on iOS and reveals where you spend your time. Sure, we’re not talking about DVR chips surgically implanted behind our ears. But how long before Snapchat spectacles record more than 10 consecutive seconds? The point is that there’s an interesting conundrum at hand. Data on our own behavior, from our perspective, could help us positively shift our destructive patterns. One could also argue this “nothing to hide” mentality leads to greater vulnerability and authenticity for mankind. But where’s the boundary between useful technology and an off switch? The privacy concern is real. Food for thought. 
  2. BD + Content

    In March I (Mike) will be moderating a panel on Business Development here at Alley NYC. It’s shaping up to be an excellent event with some amazing panelists on deck. Stay tuned for final details. During preliminary interviews with panelists this week, I asked the following question - “How does your company’s content strategy align with its BD strategy?” The question caught most slightly off guard. In fairness, I’m interviewing people that work at sizable enterprises where BD is aligned more closely with product and strategy. As it should. But the disconnect still surprised me. In our experience and opinion, a brand’s “voice” has the ability to create a fantastic funnel for strategic partnerships and eventually sales. Consistent messaging and thought leadership, directed through the correct channels, can spark conversation about your company in the right circles. Moreover, we’d argue BD acts as a tremendous resource to the creative content team, keeping everyone in the loop on what strategic partners are saying. Thus, we believe BD and content should be more closely in sync. I’m excited for the response this Q provokes on the panel.
  3. Are you an iOS developer?

    Yep, we're continuing to hire and this time it's to our engineering team. Specifically, near-term we're looking for an iOS developer. If you know someone who would be a great fit please let us know! For this position it's important the candidate is based in NYC or willing to relocate. In general, we're always interested in talking to talented designers and developers and you can stay up on our job postings here.


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