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You Hate Your Writing? That's a Good Sign! by Jane Friedman

Every successful writer has had to overcome that feeling. It’s an important feeling. It’s a valid feeling. And if a writer doesn’t have that feeling (at some point), I get worried.

It’s the Ira Glass principle: You have to produce a lot of crap—stuff that you know is crap—before you can produce anything good.
Unfortunately, writers in the depths of this “crap phase” will often wonder if it’s worth their time to continue.
That struggle—that feeling that you’re wasting your time—is a sign that you’re probably on the right path. But most people quit, not realizing that nearly every writer who does excellent work went through a phase of years where they had really good taste, but they produced total crap.
You do get better.
That’s not to say you become less critical of your work. Great writers will always be critical of their own work because they have good taste. It doesn’t get any easier, as just about every successful author will tell you.
But that’s not a reason to quit.


The Value of Support and Knowledge by Alex J. Cavanaugh 

One of the first things I learned as a soon-to-be-author was that I was going forward alone and had no idea what I was doing. That’s a scary place! But as I made friends online, they shared their experiences and encouraged me. If not for those connections, I never would’ve made it.

That’s when I realized the value of supportive friends and an understanding how this whole writing-publishing-marketing world works.

As a writer, it’s easy to feel we’re all alone. Only we can put in those long hours to write a manuscript. But for everything else, support is often a click away. It can be an email to a critique partner or visiting an encouraging blog post. Our writer friends understand us and know what it’s like to flounder with doubt and uncertainty. In those darkest moments, they are the ones who can pull us out of that pit of despair.

Many times, our doubt stems from a lack of knowledge. Sometimes we can find the solutions on our own, but with a support team in place, we always have access to answers. No matter what path we’re on, someone has gone before us and is willing to reach back and guide us along. That person might offer the key to solving our problem or direct us to a place where we can find it for ourselves.

The IWSG began with those two things in mind. Starting as a monthly blog hop in September 2010, it offered security and support for participating writers. When it expanded into a website and two Facebook groups, we added another layer of support, plus a vast collection of information.

And the results have exceeded all expectations!

Writers can now connect and find critique partners. They can scan the database and find links to almost every aspect of writing, publishing, and marketing. They can ask questions and receive answers and support from fellow writers. And for some, this group provides a reason to continue writing. Now, that is just awesome!

So thank you to everyone who has come on this journey with us. You are the reason it’s a success. You are the ones who encourage and inform. And you are the ones who keep the dream alive for everyone!

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Heather M Gardner

Heather is our first member spotlight. She's #2 on our IWSG sign up list. What's funny is that she doesn't know how she got there, but I know that means she hasn't missed two consecutive posts in years. And for that she deserves to be praised. Thank you for your support of the group!

Heather blogs over at The Waiting is the Hardest Part and is the author of "One Good Catch" and "Already Home."
Writing with Dracula by J.H. Moncrieff
Around this time last year, I was discussing writing workshops with a friend.
“There’s a horror writers’ workshop in Transylvania,” she said.
Horror writers and Transylvania! That was all I needed to hear. Before I knew it, I’d sent in my registration, paid my deposit, and was on my way to Romania.
Sometimes the universe sends you a sign, and I’m so grateful this one came my way, because it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done—personally and professionally.
My fellow attendees were awesome people, so welcoming and friendly, not to mention interesting! There was no icebreaking required—we were instant friends.
The workshops were held most mornings, and they were super intense. They really pushed me to think in different ways and made me a better writer. I came away with the foundation for at least two novels. When you’re living on a family farm in Transylvania in the looming shadow of Dracula’s castle, you can’t help but be inspired.
Romania is a beautiful country, even more lovely than I imagined. Its rolling hills, wildflowers, cobblestone streets, and gingerbread architecture are a fairytale come to life. We visited the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler, otherwise known as “The Real Dracula,” standing in the very room where he was born. We wrote in ancient cemeteries, haunted houses, and fortresses with terrible secrets. While we got to see a lot of Transylvania, the writing wasn’t sacrificed—we were able to do plenty of both.
Everyone needs a vacation, and if you have any dark elements in your fiction, this is the ultimate combination of fun holiday and kickass workshop.



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