Welcome to Cristina Guerra Newsletter November 2016.



Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art, Lisbon, Portugal


Opening 10 November

Erwin Wurm (Bruck an der Mur, Austria, 1954) will present the exhibition Bad Thoughts at Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art gallery. Including works from different series created in the last few years, this exhibition will give special emphasis to the patinated bronze sculptures from the homonymous series, one of Wurm's most recent works.
In Wurm's body of work, one can recognize a close connection to the collective repository of images, to the everyday contemporary life that, under different guises of a social imaginary ideal expanded, continuously reinterpreting itself in a voracious way, simultaneously surviving itself through the re-appropriation of its clichés that society absorbs, idolizes and transforms. Erwin Wurm acts in a field of possibilities, as vast as the proliferation of objects, lifestyles, brands, costumes and different human psychological moods, subverting the models that stratify and define our social, economic and cultural reality.
Being confronted with Erwin Wurm's work, we are compelled to question contemporary societies and the hypothetical veracity imposed by their models. (...)".
João Silvério (extract of text: Erwin Wurm: Bad Thoughts, November 2016)


Villa Datris Foundation, L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, France

Sculptures en Partage 

Closing 1 November


Curator: Laure Dezeuze and Jules Fourtine

This year the exhibition 'Sculptures in Sharing' present a selection of pieces from the Foundation Villa Datris Collection, the jewels of five years of discoveries and reencounters.
In this exhibition it is clearly present the spirit of the Foundation, its tendencies behind each artistic choice and its social compromises, and most of all its philosophy of 'sharing art', a truly 'irrigation of culture'.
Inaugurated in 2011, the Foundation already organized five big thematic exhibtions. On the natural follow-up of these exhibitions, Danièle Kapel-Marcovici and Tristan Fourtine build the Foundation Villa Datris Collection, through the acquisition of pieces from these exhibitions.
In a scenography created by Laure Dezeuze and Jules Fourtine, the exhibition presents one hundred pieces of which twenty-five are interior sculptures and the others are exhibited at the Villa gardens.
From the presented pieces, we highlight Angela Bulloch's work among other exhibited artists like Dan Graham, Sol Le Witt, Niki de Saint-Phalle.

Sines Cultural Centre, Sines, Portugal

Travessa Ermida a Sul

Closing 6 November

Curator: Catarina da Ponte

This exhibition presents a selection of thirty pieces exhibited in the Ermida Nossa Senhora da Conceição throughout these last eight years. Altogether the pieces presented transmit a particular vision of what consisted the national contemporary artistic production through the developed activity in the space of the Ermida and in the Travessa da Ermida way.
"It is not about a retrospective, but a presentation of an exhibition narrative that reveals themes and common reflexions to some artists that presented their work in the Ermida throughout these last eight years." _ Catarina da Ponte.
From the featured artists, we highlight the works of Luís Paulo Costa, José Loureiro, João Louro, Julião Sarmento and Rui Toscano.

MUMOK, Wien, Austria

Painting 2.0 - Expression in the Information Age

Closing 6 November


Curators: Manuela Ammer (Mumok curator), Achim Hochdorfer and David Joselit with Tonio Kroner.

This exhibition places our sustained interest in contemporary painting and the continuous expression of digital technologies within a surprising historical context. It goes back to the dawn of the information age in the 60s and shows how painting already then developed in productive friction with mass culture and its media.
From the arrival of television to the so-called internet, revolution painting has consistently succeeded in integrating the mechanism that seemed to herald its own death.
Presenting more than two hundred artworks by more than one hundred artists, Painting 2.0 tells the multifaceted story of painting from the 1960s o the present.
From the featured artists, we highlight Matt Mullican's paintings.

Appleton Square, Lisbon, Portugal

Opening 17 November | 15 December

More information:

Le Bel Ordinaire, Billère, France


Hopla Boom

Closing 19 November

A meeting is thought here as an experience to be lived alone or with family, from an earlier stage. With a selection of international artists, this exhibition is interested in movement.
The works that are shown propose and engage, beyond looking, asking us to move around, with side steps or in a dance.
Through its scenographic features, this exhibition encourages a privileged relation between children and the creative act, revealing a variety of artistic techniques and supports: photography, silk-screen printings, installations, and video.
From the fifteen selected artists, we highlight Erwin Wurm's participation. Other artists included in Hopla Boom are for example Martin Creed and Didier Faustino.

Jena Stadische Museen, Jena, Germany

Opitz - Hoffmann 

Closing 20 November


Building an art collection is lengthy, often tedious and requires a lot of patience, Even better are those moments where seemingly everything is different and years of effort are suddenly ennobled by a quantum leap. Such great moment experienced the Kunstsammlung Jena end of 2014 when the museum with a Rhineland private collection was gifted.
Extent and quality make this donation to the by far most important asset, which has experienced the art collection -Jena in the period after the Second World War.
The collection includes many artworks on paper, drawings, prints, photographs, artists books and multiples.
Among the featured artists in this collection, we highlight the artworks by Matt Mullican and Lawrence Weiner.
Okayama Art Summit, Okayama, Japan


Closing 27 November


Artistic Director: Liam Gillick

Okayama Art Summit 2016 is the first edition of a new triennial of contemporary art to be held in Japan. It will feature thirty artists. The artistic director of the first edition is Liam Gillick. The concept of the exhibition is the following:
"I chose the title Development and used that as a starting point for this exhibition. The word here should be understood in various ways. Okayama is an exemplary city. Its historical relationship to development in an urbanistic sense is very particular. Moving between the various site of the Art Summit the visitor will encounter the layering of change, renovation, and rebuilding that is at the heart of the contemporary Japanese city.
All the artists involved in the exhibition play with structures - ideological, formal and political. They do this in very specific ways. Each artist layers their work upon what they encounter, examination and experience. (...)
At the heart of Development is a play with time as a component of artistic practice not reduced to time-based media alone. This is where the visitor's role becomes central to the project. (...)".
Liam Gillick
From the featured artists we highlight the participation of Robert Barry, Angela Bulloch and Lawrence Weiner.