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I was offered a new job this, so well done me. What was different about this position, however, is how I got it. You'd think LinkedIn, Indeed, or (for creatives in Australia) The Loop would have had something to do with it, but it wasn't. Up steps Slack. I've rejected using Slack for as long as possible (not another chat platform, please), but was forced into the platform whilst working at an agency out here, so decided to embrace it. I joined an 'Aussie designers' channel and one week later I'm employed as a product designer at Local Measure, a social media analytical platform. Platforms are becoming more scalable, and chat systems are enabling us to take work away from the traditionally formal application process to a friendlier, more relaxed place.

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The David Lynch take ~ Film
I haven't seen La La Land yet, but seeing as it was stitched up at the Oscars, it makes sense to include something to acknowledge it this week. Here's a movie trailer for it, spun up into the style of David Lynch. Enjoy the dark take.

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Tall, tan and chilled ~ Style
What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of California? Is it the tanned, white toothed jock? Perhaps the cool roller-blader caning it down Venice Beach. What springs to my mind is the Bret Easton-Ellis' novel Less Than Zero. Either way, California has a 'style', mostly defined outside of California, but adhering to that aesthetic - Think Hollister. Dive into this long-read about California's style definition, and try to not immediately book a flight out there.

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British racing green Design 
Have you ever had to study a Pantone colour book? Two hours later, and you're still unsure what shade of red to pick for your project. This indexing of colours originally began in 1912, when an American ornithologist began to index birds, yes birds, by attaching a colour to their appearance to make it easier to distinguish them. Brush up on your history of colour knowledge and learn about how something seemingly unassociated with colour theory sparked the global standard.

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The mantra ~ Philosophy
My knowledge of Bruce Lee's work is limited - I'm not the biggest action movie fan, but what I do know is that he had a massive impact on American film and fitness. This all came from his exceptionally strong inner belief in himself, and drive to push things forward. Read this letter he wrote to his Pearl, explaining as a 21 year old how he planned to dominate the U.S.

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I am become death Politics 
Perhaps we've been looking at the election of ol' Trumpy and the Brexit situation all wrong. In trying to make people more accountable, perhaps rather than establishing more freedom, we're enabling systems that give us less. Take the Arab spring for example - by toppling those terrible dictators, we've brought the Middle East into disrepute and allowed warlords to establish themselves as de facto leaders. Cracking read, so grab a tall low fat soy flat white with extra froth and vanilla syrup over ice and enjoy.

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Lost in the world Random 
Ever wondered what the inside of the Transport for London lost property warehouse looks like? No, me neither, but here we are. Each one of the envelopes above contains a mobile phone, so be safe in the knowledge that if you do lose something, it'll be just fine n dandy.

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