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Welcome to another edition of the #All-Things-Spatial Newsletter. You received this email as a subscriber to and/or client of The focus of today’s communiqué is on MapDeck’s data collection.
Huge volumes of spatial data, coupled with a myriad of useful information that can be linked to that data, underpins the MapDeck platform.

A good example of what can be found in MapDeck catalogue are postcode boundaries. This very popular spatial dataset can be referenced to over 8,000 pieces of information about people and dwellings from the Australian Census. 
It is often suggested that as much as 80% of time and effort in any research and information analysis task is expended on sourcing and preparing relevant data for use.

These findings are equally applicable to business and investment related research, as well as that concerning personal affairs. Therefore, it goes without saying that having correct and clean data readily available for visualisation and analysis is a crucial part on any efficient decision-making process
Fast access to valuable location specific information and its easy visualisation are the ultimate objectives behind the MapDeck concept. All data catalogued on MapDeck is curated and ready for use, which means you can go straight to analysing available information and reach your conclusions faster. 
By eliminating data sourcing and data cleansing steps, MapDeck simplifies the research task and improves the overall efficiency of the decision making process.

MapDeck’s data collection is growing but these are still early days. We are currently running a crowdsourcing campaign to identify useful information to add to MapDeck - open source as well as commercial information - so that our users can have “on tap” the most comprehensive information resource ever assembled.  
A few highlights from MapDeck's spatial information catalogue include:
The focus is currently on Australia and its vast resource of open source and commercial data but we are aiming to progressively add other countries to expand the reach of MapDeck platform globally. 
Our goal is for MapDeck to be a “Go to place” for any spatial data and easy to use data visualisation tools. You still have to do the hard work analysing the output of all that information yourself but using MapDeck will make the task so much easier and more time efficient. 

MapDeck is a technological breakthrough that makes personalised “map making in the Cloud” possible and practical. To continue reading about MapDeck capabilities and the newly released data please follow this link to #All-Things-Spatial blog.

Tips and Tricks of Location Intelligence (on a budget)
The Sales Area Management Tool, the first fully featured MapDeck app, will help you to physically divide and manage your market: to mark sales territories and catchment or delivery areas, adjust boundaries over time to optimise operations and manage growth. It works with any polygon data set available on MapDeck and it is applicable to businesses and organisations operating anywhere in the world. 

Below are some useful articles to get you started:
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Australian Postcodes User Guide
“Over the years postcodes have been put to a wide range of uses in analysing and publishing social trends and population statistics as well as in defining sales, service, franchise or dealership areas.
Unfortunately, a misunderstanding of what a postcode really is, resulting from a widely-held belief about the value of postcodes as a uniform referencing system, can cause many problems for unwary users. This article is a guide for all potential users of postcode boundary data.”  
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Good information is an essential ingredient of success
Locate, Map, Act! 
When making important decisions it is crucial to have the right information on hand. MapDeck makes it easier to locate and map vital information so that you can make more informed decisions, act quicker and stay ahead of the competition. Ultimately, MapDeck will help in reaching your goals faster! 
Access to MapDeck is restricted to a selected group of users. Use this invitation code to sign up if you are not yet a subscriber: c3df6244

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