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Greetings from WildAid!

Palau is a tiny island nation in the Western Pacific, but its commitment to preserving #marine habitat belies its size. WildAid visited beautiful Palau last month to host a two-week workshop with The Nature Conservancy and Palau Conservation Society for the Kayangel and Ngachelong state rangers.

Building off a 2015 training for those same rangers, we created a hands-on curriculum that emphasized best practices for patrolling and evidence collection. Rangers brainstormed ways to reach out to the community, role-played different scenarios, learned new navigation techniques and developed strategies to prevent and stop illegal fishing.

This training was especially important because the two Northern Reef states just enacted new regulations to limit open access and ensure sustainable small-scale fishing. Kayangel and Ngarchelong now require fishing permits and vessel registration to fish within their waters. This law grants state rangers greater power to protect their marine environment by ensuring negative consequences for illegal activities.
Thanks to the support of our donors, WildAid has been working in Palau since 2014. You can read more about our work in our latest blog post

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Stories of the Month

We're excited to announce that WildAid will be working with the U.S. Department of State and the government of Malaysia to carry out an assessment and pilot enforcement project in the newly created, one million hectare Tun Mustapha Marine Park. Stay tuned for updates.
Three months ago, an Olive Ridley sea turtle was found with a fractured skull and shell. Thanks to the Machalilla Wildlife Hospital's care, she was successfully released! Read more and watch the release video here.
WildAid sponsored a peer-to-peer exchange between Galapagos and Machalilla National Park rangers last month. The peer to peer exchange discussed strategies and best practices for incorporating HD cameras and AIS into their surveillance operations. This electronic monitoring set-up was installed at Machalilla earlier this year and together with the Galapagos, they are the only Ecuadorian MPAs with these surveillance tools.
Park rangers in Ecuador's Machalilla National Park have just completed their fourth year of rescuing humpback whales caught in fishing gear. Thousands of whales and cetaceans die every year as bycatch. Humpback whales, attracted by krill and small marine species, often get entangled in fishing lines or nets, which can cause the animals to drown. So far, park rangers have saved 13 whales. Read more and watch the video.
In cooperation with the Galapagos National Park Service, WildAid recently installed AIS software and trained park rangers to monitor the artisanal fishing fleet. The project complements World Wildlife Fund and Sea Shepherd efforts to install AIS sensors on all artisanal fishing vessels. To date, 223 transceivers have been installed!

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WildAid pioneered a comprehensive marine protection model that is both unique and effective. We have already used the methodology to assess and strengthen marine management in ten different countries, including the Galapagos, which has been recognized as one of the best equipped marine reserves in the developing world; six MPAs along coastal Ecuador; the Midriff Islands in Mexico; Raja Ampat in Indonesia, where the average biomass has more than doubled in the last five years; and Palau. Read more.
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