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February 18, 2016

Good morning! In this week’s news roundup, read about a discussion technique to help students see the big picture, how one college is unlocking the potential of their female students in computer science, and a new report expressing concern about “education deserts.” Plus, the Chronicle of Higher Education profiles ACUE’s work to advance effective instruction in higher education.

News in brief
The latest higher education news and opinions.

A new, metrics-based national framework has been developed by the Gates Foundation to account for nontraditional students in a push for more standardized analysis of student outcomes. (eCampus News)

The Community College Pathways Program can improve student success in California by breaking down systemic challenges for underrepresented students, writes Chris Thorn, director of knowledge management at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. (Hechinger Report)

Geography is a major factor in determining whether students can obtain affordable, quality postsecondary education, according to a new report from the American Council on Education. (eCampus News)

Rubrics can lead students through the writing process and enable them to effectively present their ideas to an audience, writes an associate dean at Piedmont College. (Faculty Focus)
A professor ponders whether a discussion technique called the “jigsaw classroom” can help his students see the bigger picture behind sexism and oppression. (Chronicle Vitae)


This year’s freshmen are more likely to participate in campus protests than any class of the last five decades, according to a new student survey. (Inside Higher Ed)
First-generation, black, Latino, and low-income students respond differently to promotional messages from prospective colleges than do other students, a new Education Advisory Board survey finds. (Education Dive)
It is important to teach students that failure can serve as an opportunity for learning, writes an assistant dean at Northwestern University. (Inside Higher Ed)
The commonplace book, social media connections, and the minute thesis are among the many ways faculty can help students connect course content to the world around them. (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Justice Antonin Scalia’s death will have lasting consequences for affirmative action and other major higher education issues to be decided by the Supreme Court. (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Read about the “three-step method” that helped one California college quadruple its number of female computer science majors in a decade. (Quartz)

ACUE in the News

This week, ACUE’s work to promote student success through effective instruction was featured in an article published in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

“It’s very important for a university to have the confidence that their adjuncts and their new faculty really have spent time and have taken seriously the issue of teaching,” Matthew Goldstein, chairman of the ACUE Board of Advisors, told the Chronicle.

Please read the story and join the discussion on the Chronicle’s Facebook page.

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