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Volume 6February 2017

Editors' Message

What a Journey!
By Robbin Dolan and Doreen Marino

There has been a lot of transition this year and what a journey it has been.  Our newsletter is converted to meet the needs of our members’ lives—information on the go and preserved on our website for when feedback tells us you need it.  It was a nerve-wracking challenge for us – we have such an array of generations now in the NJALA and serving all, though a pleasant journey, is a challenge. . ...Click here to READ MORE

The Gift of Gab: Goals, Attitude, Behavior
Presented by Conor Cunneen

March 14, 2017

Highlawn Pavilion

5 Ways Your Conference Room Can Reflect Your Brand
By Jim Weber

Any firm with more than two people needs a place to gather around a table to discuss ideas, meet with business partners, and present to clients.  Conference rooms are set up to serve as a meeting place.  Often they are overlooked for their potential to reflect and reinforce a firm's brand.

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Breathing New Life into Ageing Receivables

By Jake Krocheski

Behind most receivables more than 90 days past due is a story about why the account has not been paid—cash flow problems, complicated transactions, and many more.  Understand those stories, get to the bottom of them—and you will have a better understanding of how to get paid.

Firms find themselves facing a dilemma.  On one hand, they truly want to embrace institutional thinking and run as a business, putting structures and procedures in place and holding people accountable.  On the other, they are reluctant to hold the individual attorneys accountable and deprive them of their autonomy because of the different circumstances that impact payment from clients. 

It is hard to have clear-cut procedures while poking holes in them with plenty of exceptions.  The truth, though, is that your firm must.  You need to make it clear to our attorneys

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Tips For Avoiding Computer Eye Strain

by Michelle Cohen

Are you feeling physical fatigue at your desk and are able to rule out that big meal or lack of sleep the night before?  Are you experiencing decreased productivity or noticing an increased number errors in your work product? How about experiencing minor annoyances like eye twitching and red eyes?  Maybe you are noticing these issues/complaints in some of your co-workers?

There have been wide ranging reports that eye strain due to use of computers in the workplace effects well over 50 percent of all computer workers.  In today’s offices everyone is exposed to daily time in front of computer screens in one way or another between all our electronic devices—there is a lot of “face time” with our electronic screens going on each and every day and there may be a price for all this technological face time.

If you or one of your employees are experiencing any of the above symptoms on a regular basis, 

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Legal Malpractice Assurance

By Scott Jacobson, CLCS

Congratulations!  You have been awarded the task of managing the legal malpractice insurance for your firm.  What does this mean?  It means that you will spend hours of your time tracking down partners to provide you additional information.  It means you will spend hours of your time fielding calls from brokers promising to save you money.  It means you have to get everything 100% accurate or you may inadvertently harm your firm.  Oh yeah, and you get to do this every year.  Sounds great, right?

Now, step back and look at it from the broker side.  The broker has to acquire sensitive information about your firm, complete tons of forms, and hope that they can uncover some deficiency in your practice all while inserting themselves.......

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Is Your Firm "Realizing" Its Potential?
By Travis Epp and Hubert Klein

It’s that time of the year again. Firm tax returns are being filed, partners are looking for distributions to cover their personal income tax obligations and firm management and the finance committee are looking for ways to boost profits and cash flow for the current year. This leads to firm management looking for ways to improve performance for the upcoming year. Too often, there is a desire to tell everyone to increase billings, obtain more clients and offer or cross-sell new services. However, for most firms, there are challenges in increasing demand for their services and addressing the current level of fee resistance in the market place.

Identifying and understanding a firm’s key performance metrics is a necessity for all law firms. These metrics must be reviewed and analyzed on a continuing basis to assist in improving the overall financial health and profitability of 
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