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Volume 5December 2016

President's Message


by Doreen Marino, PHR, SHRM-CP

Going green seems so old now, doesn’t it?  It seems so long ago when we were trying to save trees by first printing on both sides of a paper to not printing at all.  It has been over a twenty-year journey, which has developed and lead us to sustainability and then to environmental science.  The goal then is the same goal now—being conscious of the harm we are imposing upon our environment and being mindful that we are depleting natural resources. 

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Don't Miss the January Meeting:  Active Shooter and Workplace

Violence - Are You Prepared?

January 10, 2017

Highlawn Pavilion

Presenting..... Our Business Partners

Meaningful partnerships are the foundation for success. Working with our Business Partners can be very rewarding, and supporting them can be a win-win situation.  An NJALA Business Partner, Kevin O’Connor of Document Solutions, and a member, Robbin Dolan, of Laddey, Clark & Ryan, LLP, share what makes their partnership of value to each of them, the NJALA,  and their firms  ... Click Here to READ MORE

How Much Does a VoIP Phone System Cost a Small Business?

By Vince Finaldi

When it comes to any business decision, everyone wants to make smart investments, stay under budget, and get the most bang for your buck. Those same thought concepts does apply to anyone wondering how much a VoIP phone system costs.

Over the course of the last 10 years meeting with New Jersey business owners, I can’t even count how many times people have cut right to the chase and ask me the critical question “how much will this phone system cost?”

It’s a fantastic question, and one that has some key variables. In order to give you the best, most sensible answer, I’m going to break out the top 8 variables that impact the cost of a VoIP phone system for small businesses.

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The Right Tool for The Right Job

By Neil Murphy
One of my hobbies is restoring vintage cars. I’m currently restoring a 1971 Ford Bronco. This project has kept me busy for going on a year now and one thing I’ve learned is that having the right tools makes all the difference.
Recently I needed to replace the fuel pump and when connecting the fuel line back to the pump I used a standard wrench. The result was I stripped out the nut trying to get it tight enough to keep the fuel from leaking. After having to order a replacement line I also picked up a Line wrench and (surprise!) I had zero issues getting it tight enough.
It’s no different for a Law Firm. Having the right tools can be the difference between winning and  

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Network and Workstation (Cyber) Security
By Joe James, Mark Longfield, Don Grover, and Doug Concepcion

Security, security, security… in the past the one major issue facing law firms was email, email policies, and email retention.  As that monster has been largely contained, a more cynical monster has appeared on the horizon with no intention of leaving.  In fact, it has become far more predatory; those monsters are “Hackers” or cyber criminals.  The question is, what are you (your firm) doing about cyber security?

Cyber security is a major concern for law firms and the legal sector at large.  Why are law firms targeted? Because they handle substantial amounts of sensitive client data.  ....
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WARNING: Befriending Staff

By Elyssa Goldstein

We have all heard it said that people spend more time at work, interacting with colleagues, than they do outside of work, interacting with friends and family.  If we accept this saying as truth, it is easy to see why people may develop close relationships, and even friendships, with those same colleagues.  The trouble, however, arises when the close relationships and/or friendships formed at work are formed between bosses and direct reports.

In a blog post on his website ( from September 26, 2012 entitled “Should You Befriend Your Employees?” author, speaker, and motivation 
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