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Amador Yoga March Newsletter

"No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow." ~Proverb

In our yoga practice when we are held in an uncomfortable posture, we are encouraged to stay in the fire with the understanding that eventually the pose will come to an end. This heat or fire is known as "tapas" and makes us physically and mentally stronger in our yoga practice. Tapas is experienced off the mat when we are faced with experiences that are uncomfortable and overwhelming, experiences that challenge and test our ideas and beliefs and remind us that we have very little control. When our first instinct is to run or hide, tapas challenges us to stay in the heat and be still. And in nature no matter how long the winter, spring is always sure to follow; and the harshest of winter leads to the most bountiful spring. 

Upcoming Events
Mala Making and Meditation Workshop with Shayna:
Join Shayna in making a traditional mala necklace to be used in meditation. Learn how to cultivate a regular meditation practice with your mala as a tool! 

Be*You*Kidz Yoga Teacher Workshop with Teya:
Through this special workshop, learn how to empower, exercise and enrich the minds of your students! Teya will provide tools to further mindfulness practices both in and outside of the classroom. All types of teachers will benefit and walk away with new skills to give to our future leaders.

New Classes
Ashtanga Primary Series class: Mondays 6:00-7:30 am!
Ashtanga is a traditional vinyasa style practice involving a series of set postures performed in the same order, with an emphasis on breath, drishti and bandhas. This class will focus on the Primary Series which will be instructor led. The practice will challenge you and help you take your personal yoga practice to a deeper level. Recommended for intermediate to advanced students, though no prior experience with Ashtanga is necessary. 

Yoga FUNdamentals Level 1: Mondays 3:30-4:30 pm & Thursdays 9:30-10:30 am
Come play yoga with this FUNdamentals Level 1 class designed for newer students or those with physical limitations. This class focuses on introducing yoga postures, alignment, breath, modifications and how to support the body and stay safe in each pose. *This class will replace Yoga Basics and Foundation classes.

Yoga FUNDamentals Level 2: Sundays at 9:30-10:30 am
Come play yoga with this FUNdamentals Level 2 class designed for intermediate to advanced students. This class focuses on more advanced yoga postures and will break down how to set up and stay safe in each pose. 

There will be a handful of additional schedule changes so be sure to check out the latest schedule on our website or MINDBODY App.

With love and gratitude,
The Amador Yoga Team

Mala Making and Meditation Workshop with Shayna! Learn how to cultivate a regular meditation practice with your mala as a tool! 
Be*You*Kidz Yoga Teachers Workshop with Teya! Learn how to empower, exercise and enrich the minds of your students! 
Teacher in the Spotlight: "I am most grateful for the honor to teach at Amador Yoga because it is a beautiful and peaceful space filled with the amazing energy of the community. Teaching is an opportunity for me to share the love and healing energy I have received from teachers in my practice. Practicing and teaching both create space for self-love, forgiveness, and access to a sense of worthiness through awareness, that I did not know could exist in myself. The students who practice at Amador Yoga are some of my favorite teachers as well on this journey through life. Thank you so much for sharing the love, light, laughter, sweat, tears, lessons, dedication, and support each person brings together to practice with me. Namaste friends!" ~Jessica Smith
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