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1. President's Note
2. Council Communications
3. NZHA Council Nominations
4. HP News
5. Power of the Beef Cow Field Day
6. Canterbury Show in review

7. Tran-Tasman Beef Cow Productivity Project
8. Tech Report
9. 2016 Show Season Highlights Video
10. 2017 Beef Expo
11. NZ Herefords Magazine 2017
12. 2017 Taranaki Herd Tour
13. NZHA Photo Competition
14. Registry News
15. Beef Progeny Announced
16. NZHA Contact Details

10th   NZHA Office opens for 2017
10th   NZHA Mag early bird booking deadline
20th   Registrations close for Taranaki Herd Tour
27th   Hereford Magazine booking deadline
28th-29th    Wellington Sevens
- February Hooked on Herefords published
- ADL’s mailed out
3rd - Grouprun cutoff
3rd - Hereford Magazine material required
14th - Limestone Downs annual open day
24th - NZHA Power of the Beef Cow Field Day, Alpha Burn Station, Lake Wanaka
Our thoughts go to all those effected by the Kaikoura earthquake and we wish them all the best during the recovery stage.

It has been a hectic couple of months with a lot happening including two major shows, Council meetings, a WHC famil to Queenstown and then a trip to Australia with B+LNZ Genetics.

I wish to acknowledge all the exhibitors at the shows for their time and effort they display in showcasing their Hereford breeding programs. A special thanks to the Canterbury Club for their hospitality. To read the Show reviews and look at the 2016 show season highlights click here.

I found my days spent at the Royal and Canterbury shows extremely worthwhile and the chance to listen to breeders invaluable. To which end I hope to propose a series of forums next year to outline NZHA’s genomic strategy and address other issues that members may wish to discuss.  One of which could be, questioning whether there is a need/willingness to merge some regional clubs, to add strength to our body?

A group of NZHA breeders where invited to Australia to understand the collaborative project between Beef + Lamb New Zealand Genetics and Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) and other partners, in gaining better tools to describe a maternal beef cow. It is great to see more research in our beef industry with both sides of the Tasman recognising that there are significant merits in working together. Click here to read more.

The opportunity to travel to Queenstown and to engage with potential partners / venues for the 2020 WHC was worthwhile and to see the investment and plans for Queenstown in the next couple of years, will stand us in good stead, along with some indicative costs.  If you wish to be involved with WHC in any shape or form, contact Posy or myself.

The Japanese have a belief of  ”Kaizen“ or ,continuous improvement, which I personally aspire to. “We don’t get it right all the time, but the greatest failure is to not even try.” You can help to ‘make your organisation, strong, vibrant, sustainable and for all members by considering nominating for Council. For the Council nominations form click here.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Council Communications 

The following notes are taken from the last Council Meeting held in November.  If you have any queries, your local Councillor can be of assistance to answer questions.

Jason Graham, due to relocation to Australia, tendered his resignation to the NZHA Council.  NZHA would like to thank Jason for all his valuable time he gave to the Association.  His questioning mind will be missed around the board table.
Robert Kane was nominated as Councillor to be Chairman of the Show, Sales and Expo Committee.
PBB and Beef Holdings
Caren Bailey (GM, PBBnz) reported to the NZHA board.  Included in this edition of Hooked on Herefords, is a short and interesting PBB “fact file” which we advise you all to read. 
Phil Barnett tendered his resignation to the PBBnz board.
Jason Graham tendered his resignation to Beef Holdings board.
Phil Barnett agreed to be NZHA’s delegate on the Beef Holdings board and back up director for the PBBnz NZHA’s position. 
All committees are encouraged to forward names of people they may have who would be suitable ambassadors for the Tech tour, in Waikato from the 3rd – 6th April to  The tour will include visiting studs and industry associated businesses in the region.
NZHA Council moved that the Ambassador Auction will be held on annual Herd Tours and an HP Auction will be held at Expo, for the next three years.
As discussed at the AGM, NZHA passed a motion to transfer $20,000 to HP.
Beef Expo/Show and Sales
It was agreed that as the grazing unit required semen testing, all bulls entered into 2017 Beef Expo classes will require to be semen tested and have FULL parent verification.  (for more information see Registry Report).

A printed version of Completeness of Performance will be on charged to breeders.  The electronic version is free.  If you require help in accessing your Completeness of Performance on-line, please contact Megan at registry.
Printing Calf Certificates is also a cost to the Association and with the ability to access them online, breeders who wish for calf certificates will be charged from 01 January 2017.
During October’s council meeting, the Council moved that NZHA Association will adopt Single Step testing with ABRI. The tech committee have been tasked to find out how and when this can be done.  Click here for the most recent Tech Report.
Some members of the NZHA and NZHA’s General Manager, were hosted by B+LNZ Genetics in Australia, to look at the proposed Tran-Tasman Cow Productivity project.  Read all about below.
Laura Collis has made the decision to move on from NZHA and spend some more time with her young family and busy family Contracting business.  The Association has benefited from Laura’s skills in marketing and event management over the past year. We wish Laura all the best for the future and thank her for the time she spent with the Hereford Association.
In November, The Queenstown Convention Bureau hosted Posy, Laura, Phil and Gray on an all-expenses paid trip to Queenstown for two days.  It was a valuable trip giving the NZHA team real insight into what will be available for the WHC, in terms of conference venues, accommodation and activities for partners.  Planning has started in earnest, so we would welcome to hear from those members who would like to be involved, either planning pre and post tours or part of the Conference.  While the NZHA team were there, they joined up with more NZHA breeders and met with the Wanaka show committee who have kindly invited the Association to join their show in 2020, by offering a whole “Hereford day”.
Beef Cow Field Day
On the 24th February, NZHA with B+LNZ’s support will host “The Power of the Beef Cow Field Day” at Alpha Burn Station, Wanaka.  NZHA are hugely grateful to Duncan and Allanah McRae.  We encourage all breeders to follow the NZHA facebook page and share and tag clients. This is a great opportunity to spread the message about the merits of using registered performance sires to Commercial buyers.  B + LNZ will shortly announce the day on their E diary. Click here for more information.
NZHA are saddened to hear the news that Brian Anselmi and Susan Talbot recently passed away.  Both have been loyal members to NZHA over the years.  The Association extends their heartfelt condolences to the Kath and the Anselmi family and to all the Talbot family members. 
CLICK HERE to download a 2017 NZHA Council Nomination form.


Here’s a list of where to stock up on award winning grass fed free-range Hereford Prime beef.
Click here.


A huge and sincere thank you is extended to all the NZ Hereford studs who have joined as founding members of the Hereford Prime NZ Club. The response has been outstanding and is much appreciated by the entire board of Hereford Prime. Click here to see Hereford Prime NZ Club members.


On behalf of the board of Hereford Prime I would like to thank the Hereford studs who have backed Hereford Prime and placed a vote of confidence in the brand by subscribing as founding HP Club members.
The feedback and response from the NZHA membership has been tremendous and humbling for us all. Thank you for continuing to support your brand.
As HP Club members we welcome your thoughts, questions and ideas any time, so please feel free to call your nearest director or Natalie if you want to discuss anything. And please, as HP Club members, send Natalie a small selection of high quality photos so she can put together stud bios for our dedicated HP Club member webpage. These will also be used on our social media channels.
I would also like to wish all NZ Hereford members a happy and safe festive season from the Hereford Prime team. Enjoy some time with family and make sure you indulge in plenty of grass fed Hereford Prime beef!
Hereford Prime Chairman
Laurie Paterson
CLICK HERE for 2016 Canterbury Show Report
Highlights of the 2016 Show Season!
Canterbury Show Grand Champion Duncraigen Kaze.
Left to right: R Peacock (Associate Judge); M McConochie (Senior Judge);
Casey Robertson, B Robertson.
2016 Royal Show
Congratulation's to the Langtry family who had a magnificent Royal Show at Hawkes Bay A & P winning the Champion Senior Female Hereford, kindly sponsored by Merial Ancare with their heifer Anric Ultimate 1317 and also Champion Junior female with Awhea Princess 41. It was great to see so many Hereford youth showing that day, who were well supported by the Hereford Club.  For a full show report see the 2017 NZ Herefords Magazine.

Awhea Princess 41 pictured below with Hannah Gibb & Wayne File – Affco Regional Livestock Manager, sponsor of the Beef Cattle Section.

CLICK HERE to read the Tran-Tasman Beef Cow Productivity Project Report.


At the latest NZHA Board meeting Dr Michael Lee and Eleanor Linscott from B+L Genetics NZ spoke to the board and gave a PowerPoint presentation on “101 genomics”.  Following that discussion, the NZHA board passed the motion that the Association requires to move to SNP Single Step testing with ABRI and tasked the Technical committee to report back to the board as to “how” to make the transition from Microsatellite to SNP testing.

At the most recent Technical meeting, the NZHA Technical Committee identified 3 potential service providers for SNP analysis – University of Queensland (Geneseek), Genomz, and Zoetis.  They tasked the NZHA Breed Manager to meet with PBB CEO to determine what steps had already been made with each provider.
The committee also discussed the requirement to identify some prominent sires with strong linkages which despite having been DNA analysed using Microsatellite at Massey, will require to be DNA analysed by SNP testing at a chosen provider, as Microsatellite and SNP Analysis are not compatible but the sires SNP DNA will be needed in the future for sire verification. 

It is hoped that by Autumn next year the Association will hold Genomic workshops for members explaining why it’s important to make the move to DNA SNP analysis, how we make the move and what cost it will be to the Breeder.  Until then the advice from the Technical committee is to keep collecting samples whether that be in TSU form or hair.  In the meantime, the committee will continue to monitor Australian Hereford’s move to Single step genomic analysis and work on getting the very best service at the very best price to make the transition simple and productive for the breed.

PGG Wrightsons have released the 2017 sale dates.
Are your dates listed? click on your Island below to check.

Beef Expo  12-16th May, 2017 Manfeild Stadium, Feilding
At the Beef Expo AGM held on the 7th December, it was announced that Manfeild will event manage Beef Expo 2017 and the two years following.  With all the breeds agreeing to support Beef Expo it is envisaged that entry numbers will be up from previous years.  Now is the time to book your selected bulls into the relevant grazing unit in order for them to be entered into the commercially oriented classes.  All bulls entered into 2017 Beef Expo will require to be semen tested.

Unled sires for the Tru-Test Super Sires class and those entered into the Honda Impact Sires class will be grazed for fourteen weeks in a mob at the grazing units either in the North Island at Richard Brown’s on Kimbolton Road, Feilding, or the South Island with the Fischer Family at Silverstream Banks Peninsula.  They will retain their C10 status whilst at the grazing units.

To book your sires contact: Kevin McDonald Ph 07 333 8068 or email (North Island) or Robert Kane Ph 03 204 8236 or email (South Island)

Beef Expo entry forms will be available for completion in February 2017.
For 2017 entry criteria CLICK HERE

Bookings required by 10th January to receive 10% discount

2017 Taranaki Herd Tour

Early bird bookings close on the 20th  of December ($650) and late registration date 20th January ($750)

And everything on the 19th of March (sunday) has been pushed back an hour so flights arrive prior to the AGM - 5pm registration - 6pm AGM - 7 pm Happy hour - 8pm Dinner

Contact Janelle Downs via email or phone 06 762 3531 with
  • Full name
  • Herd Prefix
  • Contact Phone
  • T-Shirt size
  • Tuesday Afternoon option: A-Aotuhia Station, B-Ladies Evening, C-Free Choice

Streamlining success with Premium Support

With the growing use of EID tags and the increasing computational power of weigh scales and readers, farmers are finding many more ways to improve their businesses through collecting, manipulating and analysing their animal data.
Tru-Test has recognised farmers’ growing desire to get more out of your data and has recognised the need to tackle more sophisticated data management beyond standard technical support associated with introduction, set up and early trouble-shooting after the purchase of a product.
To meet demand, Tru-Test has developed a Premium Support Package. The Premium Support Package will help you set up your own personalised seasonal plan, reduce time wasted in the yards and ensure data collected is the right data for the outcome you are after. At each stage of the season the Premium Support Package will assist with set up, data cleansing, data transfer and retrieving key actionable information. Customisable packages are available for requirements beyond the Premium Support Package.

Registry Report

Multiple transfer form
These forms are now available under member services/forms on the NZHA website or by clicking here. They can be used when transferring multiple animals to the one purchaser, instead of completing one form for every animal.
DNA testing
Please ensure any DNA samples sent to PBBNZ for processing are completed correctly. For more information click here or contact PBBNZ. Massey (via PBBNZ) accept both hair and tissue samples. Please note both close over Christmas and re-open in the new year.
2017 Expo entry DNA requirements
All Hereford entries for Beef Expo 2017 will require FULL parent verification. If you require dam verification, please contact registry who can send you pre-printed DNA envelopes for sending samples.
Online registrations and performance recording
Contact Hereford registry if you wish to enter information online e.g. register calves, enter weights, cull animals etc. using Internet Solutions. You will need a login and password and registry can create a pre-built worksheet for you to work from. Tip sheets are also available to help you through the process. Please note that manual entry fees apply.
2016 calf registrations
These are in to the office by 30th April 2017. Late registration fees apply from 1st May.
Attention HerdMASTER users
PBBNZ have now resumed their role of NZ HerdMASTER support! Read the latest updates about HerdMASTER here.
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year. 

Megan Ellett

Click here to read the Beef + Lamb New Zealand Genetics Progeny Testing Update

Phil Barnett - President
06 374 3555

Gray Pannett - Secretary/Treasurer
03 446 6833

Andrew Russo
07 873 1515
Philip Shepherd
09 405 0983
Laurie Paterson - HP Chair
03 207 2835
Colin Corney - Vice President
07 823 6252

Paul Scott
03 612 9962

Robert Kane
03 204 8236

Chris Douglas
03 249 8588

Posy Moody - General Manager
06 323 0745
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