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Tesla Club LA Flash Event at the Long Beach EPrix has just been invited to upgrade to the ePrix Pit Suites! With only 10 more attendees signing up, the great folks at Formula E will UPGRADE our entire group to the famous PIT SUITES! Formula E is the fastest growing sport in car racing and we will be enjoying it in grand style! Next to the Model 3 Reveal Party, this is the best thing happening in Los Angeles.! You must attend at least one of them!                         
Food!                Drink!             VIP Parking!              Paddock Passes!

Don’t miss out!!!!
EPrix Electric Racing Cars
WHEN Saturday April 2nd 9am – 5pm
WHERE Long Beach, CA, Home of the Long Beach Grand Prix
WHY  An exciting day with your fellow Teslaficianados, enjoying this world famous new sport
World's Most Obediant Car
Our first event of 2016, an afternoon at the legendary and exclusive Magic Castle, was an exciting way to spend a Saturday afternoon. We met at Bob's Big Boy in Burbank, admired some owner's Model X's, then headed off for an 18-car caravan through Griffith Park with a quick stop at the Audrey Museum parking lot. From there it was a long coil of Teslas through Hollywood to the castle!  Several other owners joined us there for a delicious buffet brunch.  Then it was show time!  All 60 of us went into the first show together, after which we made our way into different nooks and crannies for other magical, electrifying entertainment.  
Tips & Inside Information

TO ALL FUTURE MODE X OWNERS!                   
While configuring your vehicle (finally!),there is a hidden 'charging' option.  The Model X comes standard with a 48 amp on-board charger. You can choose a factory option to get your Model X with a 72 amp charger instead for an extra $1000. This will allow you to charge at a higher speed if you are using a high powered HPWC or J1772 station.  To find that hidden option, type the word charging while you are on any page during your configuration and a page will pop up offering you the 72 amps.  Aren't they tricky?!
Are you invited to the Model 3 Launch Party?  Did you know that 18,000 people signed up, hoping to be one of the 650 names randomly pulled?  Elon selected the first 150, mostly from those owners who have been very successful with the referral program, then he turned it over to chance.  We only know of one lucky winner, if you're another one please respond to this message and let us know!  If you plan to order a Model 3 on March 31 in-store, or April 1st online, the ranking for fulfilling orders will be as follows:  employees first, current owners second, everyone else after.  Nobody knows what the car will look like, but a Tesla employee told us she heard it looks like a Model S Mini Me!
One of our members is selling Signature Roadster #5! in Fusion Red and it is in pristine condition with 68,000 miles!  It has a plaque signed by everyone at Tesla!  Asking price is $57,000 with a special donation to the Club!  If you would like more information please contact Debbie Jackson at .
Tesla Fans For Life, Robert & Julian!
An Interview With Robert Rosenbloom,  Tesla Super-Fan
Robert is an early Model S owner, an ER doctor and a new Tesla Club LA Board Member.  We asked him some of those questions we all like to chat about.  

How long have you had your Tesla?
I’ve have had my Model S for just under 3 years. I put my deposit down before there were any on the road.  At that point the only option for an all-electric car that could travel over 150 miles on a single charge was the roadster, but with my height, I wouldn’t fit.
How many miles does it have?
I have 60,000 velvety smooth roller coaster miles on my model S
What was the deciding factor that made you buy your car?
I wanted an all-electric that I could drive to and from the farthest emergency room where I work, currently at 58 miles one way, and with hills and the occasional blustery day I wanted some wiggle room on the range. The Model S fit my needs perfectly.
Does anyone else in your family get to drive your car?
That’s a delicate question.  Initially nobody drove my car. Then on a couple long road trips my wife and son took turns behind the wheel, and the infectious delight of the Model S brought my exclusive hold on the car to an end. Now, when I’m recovering from a night shift, my wife will borrow the car if she has to travel beyond the range of her plug in Prius, all in the interest of preventing the use of fossil fuel, which she knows is a weak point and the reason I bought an electric car in first place.
Have you been instrumental in getting any other people to buy one?  
I would like to think I’ve been instrumental, but I didn’t get enough people to use my Tesla promotion code to get invited to the Model X launch event the Model 3 Launch, nor to get a Founder’s Model X Reservation. I’ve certainly talked to hundreds of folks at Drive Electric week events and Alt Fuels car shows as well as to the multitudes that stopped me, in the first year or two that I owned the car, to talk about the car.
What usually on the big screen in your car?
The map oriented in the direction I’m driving, so I can keep an eye on traffic patterns around me.  Helps to make my commutes around Southern California much less stressful.
Any Elon Interactions?
At the Supercharger launch event a few years ago, I got to shake Elon’s hand and he posed for a photo with my son.  He was easy going, approachable, and I felt confident he would deliver on the next generation of transportation. I was impressed with the throngs of successful, intelligent folks who crowded in on that, and subsequent, Tesla events. Talking to dozens of folks I feel the confidence we all have in Elon and Tesla staff as they demonstrate integrity.
Personalized license plate or State issued?
I have a customized plate, and it took me a long time to figure out what to use that would match the slick, thoughtful, futuristic ride I was pinning it to. Plus it seems when I bought my car, the majority of Tesla owners were making up Tesla-inspired personalized plates.
What is your favorite thing about the Tesla?
That’s a tough question, I love everything about it: it’s so quiet, the ride is so smooth, it handles like no other car I’ve owned, it’s whip fast, it’s comfortable. The car holds so much! The second day I owned it I took it on a camping trip and packed it full of supplies, my friends could not believe how much I brought out of the car when setting up our camp site. The frunk is such a trip, I love coming out of the supermarket, popping the hood and loading in a basket full of groceries!  When I first got the car, and it was a novelty, women would tell me it was the sexiest car. Most of all what I love most about the car is THERE IS NO TAIL PIPE!
What was your previous car?
A plug-in-Prius, with 11-miles of all electric range; seems rather impotent now.
What will your next car be?
What else? Another Tesla Model S but with the next generation advanced sensors that will enable full autopilot. Though I expect I’ll still drive ‘all manual’ BECAUSE IT’S SUCH A FUN CAR TO DRIVE. The autopilot will be terrific for when I’m tired or fatigued, stuck in crawling traffic, or dense fog where I can’t see safely to drive.
Welcome New Members
January through mid-March 2016
Ardem Antamian        Jack Arntzen           Dustin Batchelor          William Blodgett
Donnie Chen              Amanda Davidson   Ira Goldstein                Peter Grueneisen  
Jeremy Jozwik          
Colleen Kill               Marcus Mannimen       Marco Papa            
Rob Lekstrom            Bob Kayyem            
Matt Peak                    Leon Pink        
Bill Sabo                    
Norman Schiele        Arlen Schuster-Goss
Roger Scullion          John Wolf                 Chris Yoder    

Saturday, April 2       
FLASH EVENT at ePrix in Long Beach, from 10am to 5:30pm

Saturday, April 16       
Santa Barbara Earth Day weekend

Saturday, May 14
"Wine & Wheels" Drive in Temecula

Sunday, June 12     
4th Annual Tesla Ladies' Tea

Saturday, August 13   
3rd Annual Tesla Scavenger Hunt

Delivery Info
In February Tesla delivered 1550 Model S and 400 Model X vehicles in the U.S. They have delivered 984 Model X's in the U.S. through the end of February.

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Tesla Has Disrupted Luxury Auto Sales
The Latest 
How many of you will make your way to your local Tesla store on March 31?  We're guessing quite a few!  That's the first day you can place an order for the Model 3, but only in stores. You'll have to wait one more day, until April 1, if you want to do it on your computer.  
And will they be announcing one new vehicle or two on March 31?!  Will there be an SUV using the same platform?  Or a lower-priced Model X?  But with delivery coming late-2017 (at best), the rebates may off the table.  
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