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By the time you receive this issue of News & Views it is Valentine’s Day. And if plans push through, I will be in our Bayang Magiliw where the Heart’s Day is celebrated more elaborately than in the Netherlands.

V Day being a big deal for most OF’s in Europe and realizing that V Day is considered by many as a day for relationships of the heart, our editorial team decided to make Gender the theme of this issue. We believe that by extension, the relationships of the heart manifest the gender relationships of opposite and same-sex partners. And gender being (defined by Oxford dictionary as) the state of being male or female with reference to social and cultural differences (as opposed to sex which refers to the biological difference of being male or female), we also included articles which show the broader manifestation of gender relationship in our society.

Curious to discover more about this issue's theme on Gender? Read this article further.

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The ENFiD EDUCATION & TRAINING Working Group invites you to a roving ENFiD ACADEMY which aims to strengthen ENFiD leaders and members in implementing projects by offering core and specialized training programs in line with the 2YAP on Gender and Development, Youth Leadership, Social Remittances, Financial Literacy, Management of Development Projects and other learning tools. More info can be found here.

ENFiD Academy is also seeking qualified and experienced Gender Trainers among country members.

Valentine’s Day: Why All the Fuss?

  • It has ironic roots and a colourful history.
  • Pre and Post Days Valentine’s Day are Actually Hotter!
  • To each his own: How is it celebrated around the world?
  • Toddlers can’t get enough of it too!
Find out more here.
News From Our Partner: The Regional Summit of Filipinos in the Middle East and Africa which will be held in Desert Palm Hotel in Dubai on 26-27 February will be a gathering of global leaders, visionaries and Filipino migrants engaging Overseas Filipinos in the Philippine development. 

More details can be found here.
We are happy to announce that we have additional contributors to the ENFiD Bi-monthly newsletter, ENFiD News & Views. The featured writers have been very generous in sharing their writing prowess to the ENFiD community. Thank you, ladies and welcome to the ENFiD Writers Pool!
  • Gender and Environmental Degredation
    Women, girls, boys, and men living in different areas of the Philippines and belonging to different age and socio-economic strata have distinct vulnerabilities, and this shapes the way they experience disaster, and also their ability to recover.
  • Gender and Relationships
    Gender has come to many discourses mainly because of the issue of equality. There are many aspects of equality and these have been grounds for conflicts among policy makers – both men and women. Equality from the counseling point of view means man and woman at equal footing in a relationship.
  • Gender and Beauty Pageants
    • Baeu-Cons: Commodity and Pride
      "But why Miss Universe or other pageants? I guess we should also ask, why Manny Pacquiao or boxing? Why do we as Filipinos rally behind these ‘symbols of our imagined community?’"
    • Feminist Perspective on Beauty Pageants and More Links
      "Beauty pageants can be empowering if they offer opportunities and scholarships but what does that really mean? Does that mean that only beautiful people deserve opportunities and scholarships? What kind of empowerment are we talking about? When positions of power in society are male dominated, how does winning a beauty pageant really make a difference to the power relations in one’s country?"
  • Gender and Migration
    An article and a case study project. The article describes the situation over the last 30 years of women migrants from the Philippines in Italy, who have been caught in what many have called the ‘global care chain’. The findings of the project reveal that gender influences migration, remittances and their relationship to local rural development in several ways.
  • Gender and Media
    It’s been a great year for women-empowering ads. Read more about The 7 Most Inspiring Ad Campaigns for Women
  • Gender News
    This section covers the school uniform debate, A Canadian Athlete Changing Sports’ Attitude to Gender, and a study on Female Genital Mutilation.
  • Gender Sensitivity
    Since time immemorial, society has put a distinction between male and female (sex), from the time of pre-conception, parents or individuals giving birth to a child have this mindset that if a child is born to be a boy, he will be surrounded by anything masculine (gender).
What’s the latest on the West Philippine Sea?

Why don’t we make a stand and be a true Filipino citizen in these trying times when our support is most needed by our country?

Read more about: An Objective Report on the Motivations and Limitations of the Conflicting Players
Overseas Voting soon for Overseas Filipinos

For those overseas Filipinos who managed to register to vote in the May 2016 elections, here is how the overseas voting will be conducted in your respective countries in Europe. You will have one month from 9 April to 9 May 2016 to cast your votes.

Here is the latest flyer on Oveseas Voting from CFO

Switzerland Voters’ Information Night

The January 13th information night for voters et al. was a fruitful and stimulating event, equipping Filipino voters in Switzerland by delineating the current issues pertaining to the ongoing presidential campaign for the upcoming Philippine elections in 2016.

1. Go to the Post or other voting areas designated by the Commission.
2. Approach the SBEI, give your name and address;
3. Once your identity is ascertained, sign and affix your thumbmark in the OVF No. 2-A then a ballot will be issued to you;
4. Accomplish the ballot using a ballot secrecy folder;
5. Fold the ballot in the same manner as you received it and return it to the Poll Clerk; and
6. Place the ballot inside the ballot box.

Packets containing the ballot will be mailed to you. If not, you will be informed that it is available for pick-up at the Post.

1. Accomplish fully the ballot by writing the names of the candidates for President, Vice-President, Senators and acronym of the party-list representative of your choice;
2. Affix your right thumbmark on the ballot coupon which is located on the lower portion of the ballot.
3. Detach the ballot coupon from the ballot and place it (the ballot coupon) inside the “Ballot Envelope”;
4. Fold the accomplished official ballot in such a way that its contents will not be seen;
5. Place the accomplished ballot inside the “Ballot Envelope” and seal the same. Please ensure that the ballot inside the “Ballot Envelope” SHALL NEITHER be crumpled nor damaged when it reaches the embassy, consulate or foreign establishment concerned;
7. Seal the “Ballot Envelope” with a paper seal; and
8. Mail the “Ballot Envelope” to the embassy, consulate or foreign service establishment concerned. Mailing should be done at the soonest possible time to ensure that your ballot is received by the embassy, consulate or foreign establishment concerned on or before May 9, 2016 at 7:00 o’clock in the evening Philippine time.

Shade fully the corresponding ovals in the ballot opposite the name of the candidates and acronym of the party-list represented of your choice. Fold the accomplished ballot the way it was folded when received. Then follow steps 5,6,7 and 8 of manual postal voting.

Seafarers may vote at any Post adopting personal voting or, in case of postal voting, in any Post with international seaports.
  • Beginning April 2016, ENFiD-Ireland in partnership with the Philippine Honorary Consulate in Dublin and the Philippine Embassy in London will be hosting the Embassy’s Outreach Missions in Dublin.
  • Featured also is the list of ENFiD-Ireland Projects that are seeking funding.
ENFiD Israel Distributes Relief Gods to Typhoon Nona Victims in Oriental Mindoro
As a quick response to the call of help after Typhoon Nona, ENFiD Israel through its Board Director and Country Representative Ms. Cheryl G. Sevegan, along with the Filipino Israeli Community headed by Fil-Israeli second generation leaders Ms. Sunshine Perez Levy and Mary Amor Unkham Bena, initiated the fund raising campaign.
Uniting Filipinos through Sports!
ENFiD MALTA will hold its SPORTS FEST which will start on 13 March till 29 May, 2016. It will kick off with the torch lighting ceremony followed by the presentation of teams and cheering competition. The best muse and best in uniform amongst the participating team will be selected as well. We can make it happen! Pag sama-sama, kayang kaya!
  • ENFiD News & Views will be featuring essays that were submitted to the first ENFiD Essay Writing Contest held in 2015. “On Shame & Family Values” which was written by Charmian Lim from Netherlands, was among the top 10 entries.
  • Featured also is an advisory from the Philippine Embassy in the Netherlands about an update on its requirements for visitors to enter Canada by air.
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Featuring ENFiD Couple Marison and Calin

"It looks like their relationship rests on strong foundations. They have managed to cross cultural boundaries–even spiritual and societal norms from both their places of origin–in order to meet and build a relationship that is based on open-mindedness, acceptance, and teamwork."
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