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New year, new impact resolutions

Inauguration Day is just around the corner, and many funders and journalists are increasingly concerned about the role media play in a free and democratic society.

With that in mind, we thought we’d use the opportunities and threats of the new year and the new administration to take a closer look at how we’ve been thinking about impact here at Media Impact Funders over the past several years, and how we’ll be thinking about it going forward.

Our resolutions: To dig more deeply into breaking research, and to make it easier for you to use the tools and resources we gather. To that end, here’s a quick tour of what’s on offer.

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Plus, this month we look at communications, emotions and the brain:

In our Articles section, learn how our minds respond to the emotional appeals in commercials, why comedy can help investigative journalism go down easier, and the ways in which prejudice can skew analytics.

In our Research section, see data that demonstrates how communicating scientific facts might only deepen partisanship, and neuroimaging that reveals the spot where we store our closest-held political convictions.

In our Tools section, contemplate the ways in which the feelings that media projects evoke might trigger action. One key insight: Anger can spark many different actions, disgust sparks fewer.
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